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Latest release: °a4-0.0969335.tar.gz
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Version 0.0969335 Released Tue Dec 16 08:42:53 PST 2003
       The tarball of A4 0.0969335 is released. This releases improves the install flow and the on-line help, and adds the -vname option to support multiple "standard" views per branch. Download it from °here.

Version 0.04836 Released Sat Aug 9 13:32:10 PDT 2003
       The tarball of A4 0.04846 is released. This releases adds support for the "AltRoots:" client record field, and adds the P4::Run::P4 class to make connection caching easier to manage.

Version 0.04738 Released Sun Aug 3 16:41:54 PDT 2003
       The tarball of A4 0.04738 is released. This releases fixes some compatibility issues for Perforce 2002.1 and later. Client connections are cached for improved performance. The sync and syncview subcommands rebuild only affected files, unless the -f option is specified. Added the nonsource subcommand.

Version 0.03109 Released Mon May 5 21:44:47 PDT 2003
       The tarball of A4 0.03109 is released. This releases fixes some signal handling issues, adds the -v option, and fixes some bugs related to unexpected output from p4 sync.

Initial Home Page Completed Sat Feb 22 15:41:51 PST 2003
       The initial homepage is done.

First Release Uploaded to SourceForge Wed Feb 12 22:04:00 PST 2003
       The first tarball is released.

The CVS repository is also seeded with this release.

I would like to thank WIS Technologies (my employer) for authorizing me to publish A4 under the terms of the GNU Public License.

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